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Our top 3 Luxury Ski Destinations in Switzerland 2019

Hospitality, Luxury - March 18, 2019

When it comes to luxury getaway in the winter months, there’s only one real choice; skiing. The perfect blend of active excitement…

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Green living at the heart of future cityscapes

For so long the concrete jungle drew a line between people and nature. But, in recent years, the push to integrate nature with…

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Tomorrow’s hotels; the future of high-tech hospitality

As guests expect more from their stay in a hotel, some hotels are looking to technology to enhance their guest’s stay. The right…

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Three exciting hospitality trends for 2018

Year on year, the global travel industry only grows in size. With the new generation of travellers having very different expectations, tastes…

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3 reasons why the hospitality industry benefits from Esthec Terrace

Hospitality, Terrace decking - April 13, 2018

Time and time again, Esthec® Terrace has proven itself a perfect companion for terraces across the board. In a number of recent…

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Flotels: The best in floating hotels

Hospitality - September 13, 2017

The hospitality industry is everchanging in its quest to please the guest. There are hundreds of expressions of luxury and freedom available…

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luxury hotels

Luxury Hotels in the 21st Century

Hospitality - June 17, 2017

This month, we’re looking at what the world has to offer when it comes to luxury tourism. With the very definition of…

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sustainable hotels

Green Getaways: The Most Sustainable Hotels

Hospitality, Sustainability - May 15, 2017

One thing we’re certain about this year is that it’s going to be sustainable. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has…

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Future of hotel design

Hotel Trends That Will Shape the Future of Hospitality

Design, Hospitality - March 2, 2017

Whilst hotel trends can be fleeting, they can also stand as sign posts that point to the future. That’s certainly the case…

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pool design

Versatile: An Interview with an Esthec Partner

Hospitality, Terrace decking - September 23, 2016

In a recent interview, we got some valuable insight into the market from the inside out. Versatile is a business development company…

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