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Saffier and Esthec: a long-term relationship

Esthec® and Saffier Yachts have quite a history together. Saffier Yachts were actually one of Esthec’s first clients. After seeing the ‘No Limits’ sailing boat equipped with Esthec®, Dennis Hennevanger (part owner of the company) couldn’t get it out of his mind. Prior to this, he hadn’t seen any composite alternatives to teak that caught his eye. With the No Limits yacht, it took a while for him to notice that it wasn’t in fact teak. After reaching out to Esthec®, he was invited to Hendrik Ido Ambacht, where he got to see the company that was behind the product in person. This gave him a solid assurance that this was a quality product with an innovative team behind it.

A long-term relationship
This interaction led to the Saffier 26 in 2008; the first Saffier yacht to be installed with Esthec®. It was the first in a long line of yachts to be imbued with the Esthec® Nautical decking, with now around 250 boats brandishing it. Saffier now truly flies the Esthec® flag; it’s optional, however 99 percent of the boats are built with it. This is an exciting reflection of how the industry is changing in its dependency on teak.

Saffier is currently producing 7 models. All yachts are produced to order, which gives the customer the privilege of choice. The owner can be involved in every step of the way. This is where Esthec® fits in so well to the company. The design choices are breathtaking, with subtle hues of colour available, and even completely custom designs possible if desired. This enhances the customer experience, while also lessening the lead time. In comparison with its wooden predecessors, Esthec® is extremely easy to install and can be fitted in a fraction of the time.

Exclusively Esthec®
Hennevanger tells us how nowadays “Esthec® has more competition, but the competition doesn’t have that innovative spirit, they’re not thinking about the future”. It’s this innovative spirit that make Saffier Yachts and Esthec® the perfect partnership. Saffier also lead their company with an attitude of innovation, and when you think in terms of innovation, you’re always attracted to other companies that lead with that same spirit.

The relationship between Saffier Yachts and Esthec® is built on solid ground. After years of handling the material, Hennevanger is truly sold to the benefits of Esthec®. He describes how in his experience, Esthec® is “indestructible”. At a boat show, Saffier Yachts had a yacht on show that was six years old, complete with an Esthec® Nautical decking. Dennis tells us how “people just couldn’t believe the boat was 6 years old, because the deck looked like new”. Even with a lot of time and money, it’s practically impossible to keep woods like mahogany and teak looking so fresh.

The latest collaboration between the duo is the Saffier 37. Staying true to the mutual spirit of innovation, the Saffier 37 will be fitted with a brand new fibre optic prototype from Esthec®. Fibre optics are integrated into the decking to incorporate lighting. From deck design to deck safety, the lighting could serve a number of purposes. Here at Esthec®, we are extremely excited to see what more is to come from our fruitful partnership with Saffier Yachts.


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